Advanced Stability Chair

advanced stability chair

with Moira Merrithew

Moira provides clear and precise direction on the ultimate core conditioning exercises performed on the Stability Chair. A great adjunct to Reformer and Matwork exercises. Excellent for personal training and performance enhancement. 22minute workout. DVD extras total 167 minutes including, bonus workouts, bonus exercise clips, etc.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Stability Chair™, some exercises require handles

Price Quantity
$47.25 $35.00 on sale
  • Features

Key Benefits

  • Increase balance and control
  • Optimize athletic performance
  • Sustain strength and endurance
  • Enhance coordination and balance
  • Heighten mind-body awareness

Bonus Features

  • Bonus workouts - preview 2 other titles
  • Exercises broken down into chapter points
  • Over 50 bonus exercise clips
  • Work out with muc=sic only
  • Learn more about STOTT PILATES Equipment and Education

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