How To Use a Wave Bolster

Stretch Now is always looking at developing new products that support your yoga practice and we have recently created some new accessories and colour designs that we are pretty excited about.

The Wave Bolster

Versatility plus describes this unique organic cotton bolster. Here are just a few ways to use this multi-purpose bolster.

The natural contour of the wave bolster is ideal for the reclining bridge pose which opens the upper back, enables deep breathing into the lungs and relaxes and revitalises the whole back area. You can do it with legs bent and feet flat on the floor or with the legs straight out.

Wave bolster for lower back

You can use the wave bolster for legs up the wall with bolster. This pose has a great overall restorative effect and has many benefits such as re-energising the legs, reducing swelling in the legs and calming the nervous system.

Wave Bolster Hip Raise

Use the wave bolster for an extremely comfortable head rest that supports the whole neck area and head. This is great for savasana or for meditating lying down.

Wave Bolster neck support

The wave bolster is also wonderful for the side lying stretch. Having a lower profile than the traditional round and oval bolster, it makes for a gentler and more easeful side stretch that opens up the side body and prepares the body for any twist poses.

Wave bolster side support

The wave bolster easily adapts itself into a zafu. For sitting in meditation in virasana, (hero’s pose) the wave bolster becomes a very stable and comfortable meditation cushion.

Wave bolster as a meditation cushion

The wave bolster is also perfect for sitting in traditional cross legged meditation. It is the ideal height for giving support and balance for a well grounded meditation posture.


Wave bolster as a meditation cushion - cross leg

Light and very portable, you can take the wave bolster anywhere you want to practice yoga and meditation. It fits in most backpacks and tote shopping bags and it even has a nifty carry strap. 

Wave Cushion easy carry handle

The Wave: a bolster with so many applications.


Posted by Rob Langworthy

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