Yoga Australia Conference Part 2

Last weekend some of us here from Stretch Now attended the Yoga Australia Conference on the sunny Gold Coast of Queensland. We were one of the exhibitors there and it was really great to meet with many of the enthusiastic and dynamic yoga teachers and yoga practitioners who also attended. The energy was palpable as people went from one class or presentation to another.

In a discussion with one of the organisers of the conference we were fascinated and very excited to hear how yoga is more and more being accepted as a powerful means of therapy not only by mainstream healthcare professionals, but also by many of the big health insurance companies. Students attending classes by Yoga Australia registered teachers can find more information about this phenomenon by visiting Yoga Australia’s website.

Another very interesting session at the conference was titled, ‘The Business of Yoga—Ethical Energy Exchange.’ It’s easy to disassociate the principles of good business administration with the practice of yoga. However, for a yoga studio or a teaching practice to be successful, good business practices are essential. This is a no-brainer so to speak yet this aspect can so easily be neglected.

On this note, one of the things we spoke to yoga teachers about during the conference is our affiliate program. Through this program as yoga teachers and owners of yoga studios, you can generate more revenue by simply directing clients through your website to purchase Stretch Now yoga and meditation props. It’s free, you earn 7.5% commission on all sales that come from your affiliate link, and you have no concerns about managing stock, processing orders, payments or invoicing because this is all done by Stretch Now.

Last but not least, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and the location by getting down to the beach and plunging into the lovely warm (compared to Melbourne) waters of Queensland’s Gold Coast. Ahhh, now that felt so good.

Posted by Rob Langworthy

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