3M Privacy Filter for iPad AIR 1 / 2 / PRO 9.7

3M Privacy Filter Screen Protectors for the Apple iPad AIR 1 / 2 / PRO 9.7". Utilises 3M's microlouver privacy technology so you can use your Tablet PC in public without revealing confidential information.

Aspect ratio: 4:3
Screen size: 23.6 x 16.5 cm

Please choose carefully as there are no refunds or returns on Computer Filters.


Maintain Visual Security — Without Sacrificing Usability
Now you can surf the web, review and send email, check your bank account and access other confidential data without fear of having your private information become public knowledge. Designed by the leader in privacy products, 3M Privacy Screen Protector for tablets help protect your privacy while maintaining the vividly-clear image quality of your tablet screen.

The Protection You Need — Now More Than Ever
As the world goes mobile and tablet displays become sharper, larger and more legible, it’s more important than ever to protect your privacy in public. 3M Privacy Screen Protectors for tablets not only help maintain the security of your personal data; they can help you comply with your employer’s internal data protection policies. That helps you be more productive in more places.

Exclusive 3M Technology
3M Privacy Screen Protectors use a proprietary microlouver technology that allows you to use your tablet in public without revealing confidential information to those around you. Whether working with sensitive business data or simply enjoying personal entertainment, you’ll see your display clearly when viewed straight-on, while people at your sides see only a darkened screen.

Privacy and Share Modes
Sometimes you want it all: privacy and the ability to share. 3M Privacy Screen Protectors feature 180 degrees of privacy protection that allows you to do just that. Privacy and Share Modes lets you to keep information to yourself or share it with others by simply changing the orientation of your device from portrait to landscape, or vice-versa.

Touch Compatible
Tablet users depend on the intuitive operation of today’s sophisticated touch screens. 3M Privacy Screen Protectors will not interfere with your smartphone’s touch screen functionality, which means you get all the privacy protection you need while enjoying the easy, touch experience you expect.

Long-Lasting Protection
3M Privacy Screen Protectors safeguard your tablet screen with a thin, abrasion-resistant hardcoat designed to resist scratches, dirt and grime, which helps keep your tablet performing and looking great, day in and day out.

Easy to Clean
All you need is a soft, lint-free cloth to quickly and easily wipe away fingerprints and smudges. 3M Privacy Screen Protectors can be cleaned again and again without diminishing screen clarity or reducing the amount of privacy protection they offer.

Easy Application and Residue-Free Removal
Apply your 3M Privacy Screen Protector in minutes with just a few simple steps. All 3M Screen Protectors use a forgiving, dry adhesive and come with an in-package applicator and step-by-step instructions. Plus, 3M’s adhesive removes cleanly with zero residue.

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