Desk Lamp - Lolly

Lolly’s head has been designed to tilt just below eye level, reducing glare and reducing eye strain for people working away from natural light or on detailed work, offering the user more focused light exactly where they need it.

The Lolly Desk Lamp provides a one-stop simple and easy access power connection with its USB Type A and USB Type C ports, future-proofing itself by being the first desk lighting on the market to provide for all the current smartphones and laptops.

The Lolly Task Light features an energy-saving cool white LED Light with automatic shut off function after inactivity periods and can be used for up to 50000 hours. The lights can be controlled with a simple power on/off touch button and 4 different dimming setting to adjust brightness for different tasks at hand.

  • High power, long life LED light source
  • Tilting lamp head
  • Touch switch for on/off
  • Four stage dimming
  • "Powersave" auto-off (switches off light after 4 hours of inactivity)
  • Small footprint & lightweight
Light Head Tilt Angle 36 degrees
Cable Length 150 cm
Light Wattage 5 W
Light Output 450 lumens
Colour Temperature 3700k - 5000k
Beam Angle 115 degrees
Lifespan 50000+ hou
USB Type C DC 5V 3A
USB Type A DC 5A 2.4A
PSU Power Cable Length 100 cm
Main Power Cable Length 95 cm
Power Input AC 100 - 240V
Power Output 19V 3.78A


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