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Product Code: HMMR
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Herman Miller Mirra 2® Office Chair

Price: $1,650.00
Ex Tax: $1,500.00
Product Code: HMMR

As work evolves, and we become more active, flexing from individual to collaborative work in an instant, Mirra® 2 moves as you do, at one with your body. When you sit, Mirra 2 adapts to you instantly. Shift and it dynamically supports even your slightest movements. By rethinking every part of a successful design, Herman Miller and Studio 7.5 have made Mirra 2 leaner, lighter, and so responsive it supports you wherever you go. Mirra® 2 advances how you sit.

The Mirra® 2 Butterfly Back, with its exceptional responsiveness and intuitive feel, results from inventing a method for merging a fabric layer with polymer veins to create an intelligent support structure. This hybrid structure, shaped for dynamic support, keeps your body in healthy alignment.

Ingenuity is also apparent in a new seat design that increases air flow to keep you cool, and a reinvented Harmonic tilt that creates a smooth and balanced feel as you move from one posture to another.


Support in Motion
Support for seated movement starts with a flexible yet supportive design that allows your body to move freely and naturally. Mirra® 2’s Loop Spine provides torsional flex, allowing you to stretch and reach laterally, while the Harmonic 2 tilt provides a smooth, balanced feel as you recline.

Responsibility in Motion
Less material used intelligently makes Mirra® 2 more responsive to your body, and more responsible to the earth. At 22 percent lighter, Mirra® 2 has a carbon footprint that's also 25 percent smaller. Made of 45 percent recycled material, Mirra® 2 is 93 percent recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Form Celebrates Function
The lean design of Mirra 2 brings a sophisticated profile and visual lightness to any space. An emphasis on performance is visible. The individual components and their function are apparent and celebrated, and vary accordingly in material and appearance.

Herman Miller Mirra® 2 is covered by a 12 year conditional warranty.


   Seat Depth   430 - 480 mm    
  Seat Width   500 mm    
  Height Range   410 - 550 mm    
  Chair Width (including arms)     690 mm    
  Max Weight   159 kg    

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