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Swopper Saddle Swopper Saddle
Product Code: SWOPSA80
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Swopper Saddle

Price: $1,250.00
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Product Code: SWOPSA80

With special ergonomic saddle-shaped seat. Saddle sitting relieves the back and is intuitively found to be comfortable. An outstanding seat version in combination with the 3D movement of the swopper. The greatest ergonomic advantage of sitting on a saddle seat is the large angle formed between the spine and the thighs - an essential criterion for healthy sitting. In this way, the intervertebral discs are relieved and the internal organs have more room to move through the upright sitting. Sitting does you good when you can move as well. Horse riders have a good posture and a strong back - but not just from sitting in the saddle. It is sitting upright in the saddle combined with the movement and keeping balance through the horse's movement that produce the beneficial effects for the back. It is exactly this combination that the swopper with saddle seat provides. The unique advantages of the swopper saddle seat: comfortable saddle sitting combined with ergonomic 3D movement, tilting automatically follows individual movements thus rendering superfluous any mechanical tilt adjustment with an extra lever, special ergonomic design: the shallow pan with special cushioning permits the pelvis to roll gently backwards and forwards in a natural movement. This prevents blockage of the lumbar spine.

Ideal as working stool for dentists, hair dressers, masseurs and occupational therapists. And, of course, for all those who just have fun sitting on a real saddle seat.

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Custom order with 10 - 12 weeks delivery lead time

Base colour   anthracite
Seat colour   black
Base   With combi-gliders (for textile-covered floors like carpets and felt and for hard floors like stone, tiles and parquet).
Spring           MEDIUM (Optimised for persons weighing 60 – 120 kg).
Seat height   unloaded 52 – 65 cm; loaded 45 – 60 cm

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