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Product Code: HMP
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Handmaster Plus

Price: $95.00
Ex Tax: $86.36
Product Code: HMP

Strengthen muscles and improve blood flow to your hand, wrist and elbow with the Handmaster Plus.

This nifty elasticated ball is a convenient and unobtrusive therapy to assist those suffering from poor hand performance, overuse and repetitive strain injuries to the forearms. Simply open and close the hand squeezing the ball and stretching the elastic, and exercise weak and painful muscles in a gentle yet effective routine.

One set: Lavender, Red and Orange.



Strengthens all 18 hand muscles in one easy exercise.
Equalizes balance between flexor and extensor muscles.
Maximizes blood flow for performance, wellness & rehab.
Handmaster Plus is rated #1 as ‘most complete hand strengthener’.

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