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Product Code: EP2CH
Availability: In Stock

Ergoport PosturePod EP2

Price: $395.00
Ex Tax: $359.09
Product Code: EP2CH

Ergoport™ Posture Pod provides arm, mouse, and keyboard support in one convenient product. Unique and intuitive design relieves the common strains associated with spending hours at a desk and reduces potential occupational overuse disorder risks. Promotes correct posture.


800 x 50 x 500 mm

Charcoal (PosturePod)
Black (Gel Pads)

Split design: allows for a wider range of adjustment (suits any individual size).
Supports both arms.
Maintains a comfortable posture & reduces excess pressure on the back.
Soft fabric & gel pads support your wrists and forearms comfortably.
Left and right hand mouse friendly.
Ideal for both normal and corner workstations.
Patented design.

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