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Product Code: MW310LE
Availability: In Stock

3M Gel Large Wrist Rest for Mouse Pads

Price: $36.00
Ex Tax: $32.73
Product Code: MW310LE

Unique patented micro-textured Surface provides excellent contrast for your optical or ball mouse to work better. Incredibly soft, premium gel to cushion wrists all day and help reduce pressure points. Leatherette fabric is comfortable and easily cleaned.

Mousepad features 3M Precise Optical Mousing Surface for better performance and gel comfort to encourage neutral wrist posture. 3M Precise Optical Mousing Surface is designed to optimize light reflectivity and contrast to improve the tracking of your optical mouse. The valleys in the micro texture of the Precise optical mousing surface catch dirt while your mouse glides on top of the peaks for improved high speed traction.

Recycle Icon made from 25% recycled materials


Large Size.
Ultra thin profile
Antimicrobial Product Protection.
Non-skid backing
Naturally latex-free
Precise™ battery-saving mousing surface

217.5mm x 230mm x 20mm

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