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Product Code: NBMS
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Nirvana Meditation Stools with Printed Padding

Price: $114.00
Ex Tax: $103.64
Product Code: NBMS

The natural simplicity of our Nirvana meditation stool with its uncluttered look, helps invoke feelings of tranquillity and stillness even before meditation begins.

Designed for sitting in a kneeling position, the seat helps keep the spine upright in an easeful posture and provides a very comfortable alternative for those who have difficulty in cross-legged sitting meditation.

Made from formed bamboo and poplar plywood

Max weight: 100 kg

* Pattern:


Width: 45 cm
Depth: 16.5 cm deep
Height: 16.8 cm high at front & 19 cm high at back
Weight: 0.8 kg

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