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Organic Cotton Wave Cushion

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The Wave Cushion/Bolster

Versatility plus describes this unique organic cotton bolster/cushion. The natural contour is ideal for opening the chest and gentle back bends and you can even use it as a comfortable headrest. For those of you who like to meditate in a kneeling position, the “Setu” “wave cushion/bolster” gives excellent support to this posture and it’s portable enough to take away on weekend retreats.

The Wave; a bolster with so many applications has a removable, hand-washable cover, and a built in carry handle so that it’s easy to transport.

Click here to see different ways to use the Wave Bolster.

Length: 45 cm
Width: 15 cm
Height: 20 cm
Weight: 2 kg approx

Cover & Filling: 100% organic cotton

Currently out of stock. Please click here to be notified when stock arrives.

-- Certified Organic   The organic cotton wave cushions are certified organic: the OE 100 Standard.
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* Colour:


Care Instructions: Cold wash with mild soap

To help preserve the beautiful print of our wave cushion, we recommend that you hand wash it in cold water with mild soap.

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