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Product Code: APPI-PP
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APPI Pilates for Pregnancy DVD

Price: $25.00
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Product Code: APPI-PP

This Pregnancy Pilates class is an ideal way for you to exercise safely throughout your pregnancy in the comfort of your own home. Physiotherapists have carefully selected exercises to target your deep stabilising abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. You will also be provided with many useful tips from the physiotherapist throughout the class.


The exercises have been carefully selected by Physiotherapists to target deep stabilising abdominal muscles which support your spine, also known as 'the centre'. Special attention is given to the pelvic floor, an extremely important group of muscles not only during pregnancy but also post birth. There is also a focus on gluteal exercises which will help to enhance good pelvic control, as well as many exercises to keep the arms and legs toned during and after your pregnancy.

You will also be provided with many useful tips from the Physiotherapist throughout the class to help your posture and manage some of the common physical discomforts you may experience while pregnant. Pregnancy is a special time and taking care of yourself and your baby is paramount.

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