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Product Code: DV81169 S
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Athletic Conditioning on the V2 Max Plus DVD

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Product Code: DV81169 S

with Moira Merrithew

As diverse as each athlete, the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer* provides a versatile workout that emulates the body’s free, multi-dimensional movement of daily life. Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew delivers exercises that help prevent sports injuries and shape a stronger, more coordinated athlete.

INSTRUCTIONAL LEVEL: Intermediate Audiences (Level 3 of 5)
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: V2 Max Plus™ Reformer*, Reformer Box, Platform Extender, Rotational Disks, Maple Pole and Toning Balls
SOUNDTRACK LANGUAGES: English, Español, Français, Português, Italiano, Deutsch



DVD Contents

  • 17 exercises
  • Workout Time - 42 min
  • DVD Length - 156 min

EXERCISES: Footwork, Single Leg, Midback Series, Bend & Stretch, Short Spine, Lat Press with Hip Flexion, Reverse Knee Stretches, Supine Ab Work, Butterfly, Iron Cross, Back Rowing, Single Arm Work, Sidelying Arm Work, Sidelying Leg Work, Kneeling Ab Prep, Hamstring/Quad Stretch, Thigh Stretch

BONUS CLIPS: V2 Max Plus™ and Rehab Reformer Features & Safety, Golf Conditioning on the V2 Max Plus Reformer* and V2 Max Plus Pulleys 1 & 2

Key Benefits

  • Improve balance, agility and endurance
  • Sculpt a leaner, tighter body
  • Strengthen the core
  • Minimize the risk of sports injury

Bonus Features

  • Review the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles
  • Choose to work out with or without instructor's voice
  • Preview another challenging title
  • View instructors' bios
  • Learn more about STOTT PILATES Equipment and Education

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