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Product Code: DV81199
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Intermediate Bosu DVD

Price: $36.25
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Product Code: DV81199

with Moira Merrithew

Work out with Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew on the BOSU®* Balance Trainer to enhance balance, stability and proprioception.

Balance is key to movement control. This program shows you how to perform Intermediate exercises on the BOSU Balance Trainer. It‘s a multi-dimensional Pilates repertoire that provides effective training for injury prevention, rehabilitation, athletic performance enhancement and daily movement. Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew directs you through a wide spectrum of exercises that progress from simple and static to challenging and dynamic, requiring subtle adjustments and highly reactive responses.

INSTRUCTIONAL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced (Level 4 of 5)
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: BOSU®* Balance Trainer and Exercise Mat


Key Benefits

  • Activate stabilizing and counterbalancing muscles
  • Develop new, efficient motor patterns
  • Condition in multiple planes
  • Sharpen sensory feedback systems

Bonus Features

  • STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles
  • Two 5-minute bonus workouts
  • Work out with music only
  • Check out STOTT PILATES equipment
  • Learn about Instructor Training

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