Docuglide Plus

The new DocuGlide Plus stands for modern design combined with ergonomics and functionality. Combining the functions of a document holder and a writing slope, the DocuGlide Plus also includes many storage options.

The Docuglide Plus enables you to create a worksurface over your keyboard. You can combine reading, editing, writing and typing while being inline and squared off with your computer monitor.

The Docuglide allows your reference material to be placed between monitor and keyboard. Your body can now work in a more natural, upright posture with a diminished need to bend forward or twist; relieving neck and back and eye strain.

  • Fits between your monitor and keyboard, encouraging better posture and improving workflow.
  • When pulled forward over the keyboard for document editing or note-taking, the need for reaching or twisting is reduced.
  • The inclined surface creates an angled view for reading documents.
  • Storage space for stationery and other items is accessible when the writing surface is pulled down.
  • A solution for people who need to combine typing with reading & or writing.
  • Slides easily from being a document holder to being a sturdy & ergonomic reading/writing surface.
  • Eliminates body twisting & bending forward to write.

Height: 80 mm - 130 mm
Width: 510 mm
Depth: 310 mm

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