RH Logic 400

The RH Logic 400 is simply one of the best ergonomic chairs in the marketplace. It is fantastic for reducing workstation complaints such as backache, but research has also shown it increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

RH Logic 400 has as a high backrest with padding to provide support between the shoulders and pronounced support for the curve of the back to provide optimum sitting comfort and strain relief. The backrest narrows towards the top to allow greater freedom of movement for the arms. The chair is supplied as standard with an lumbar pump, base in graphite aluminium with matching infills and castors for carpeted floors.

  • Backrest including adjustable pump lumbar pump
  • Seat sliding
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Height adjustable arm rests
  • Base in silver aluminium with matching infills
  • Castors for carpeted floors

  Backrest Width    445 mm  
  Backrest Height   630 mm  
   Seat Sliding   50 mm  
   Seat Depth   465 mm  
  Seat Width   465 mm  
  Seat Height   approx. 415 - 525 mm  
  Seat Tilt   Forward Tilt 7°, Backward Tilt 14°  
  Backrest Tilt   15°  

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