Seccoprof - Commercial Dehumidifier 38L

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These dehumidifiers are designed to effectively meet the dehumidification needs of commercial or industrial clients. They will help control moisture and condensation in a damp room.

The SeccoProf EL is made of stainless steel and equipped with convenient wheels for easy movement throughout your building. Italian Design, professional quality stainless steel body, portable light commercial dehumidifier. With digital LED panel.

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  • Now with electronic digital control. 30-90%RH selectable with continuous or Laundry mode.
  • Can run in very low temperatures as low as 2degC !  Using the latest electronic logic and hot gas injection.
  • Large moisture removal capacity of 38L/day @32degC 80%RH.
  • Now with "SuperDry" function which activates for continuous faster dehumidification.
  • Auto Restart Function, when power returns after a blackout the unit remembers the last setting.
  • Features built in Temp/Humidity meter for measuring actual ambient levels.

Dimensions 435 x 310 x 640 mm
Weight 29 kg
Power supply 220 - 240 V
Input power 585 W, 3.6 A
Dehumidification capacity 38 L / 24 h (32°C, 80% RH) or 20 L / 24 h (27°C, 65% RH)
Dehumidifiable volume 40 - 330 m3
Operating temperature max 35°C
  min 2°C
Air flow 350 m3/h
Tank capacity 10 L
Sound level 49 dB @ 1 metre

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