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Product Code: SWOP10
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Swopper - ergonomic stool with a spring from Aeris

Price: $999.00
Ex Tax: $908.18
Product Code: SWOP10

The swopper is the only seat in the world that can adapt to all three dimensions of human movement. This means that the Swopper moves forward, backward, sideways, all the way around, as well as up and down! You can also adjust the tension and movement of the spring, and change the lateral movement, so it can become more or less stable.

This movement, sometimes called "active sitting" or "sitting in motion" has been shown to be the basis for many beneficial health effects. A person no longer needs to lean forward towards the table and flex their spine to work, as the Swopper's flexible centre spring will bend forward, so there is no one-sided pressure on your intervertebral discs.

Ideal for the office and home, for physicians and therapists, artists, musicians and even corporate events and trade shows! The use of the chair is only limited by your imagination.

When you sit on the swopper, you...

  • strengthen your back
  • train your muscles
  • keep your intervertebral discs, tendons and joints fit
  • breathe deeper
  • improve your posture through active sitting, relieving the pressure on painful discs
  • stimulate your circulation
  • create a fun way to sit, keeping the mind alert and focused
  • develop your core muscles (back and abdomen) - it is in fact a muscle toning device
  • developed and produced by aeris GmbH

All images & photos on this page are subject to aeris™ copyright.

* Colour:

Height range   45 - 68cm
Seat Diameter   42cm
Base Ring Diameter   55cm
Chair Weight   11kg
Load Capacity   60 - 120kg
Recommended Person's Weight   130kg
Base   Anthracite
Glide   Metal

Using your Swopper: Start slowly.
We recommend you start with 30 minutes of continuous use, and gradually build up each day by the same amount, depending on your level of fitness. Because you are actively using your muscles, it is important you do not go straight into doing an hour on the first day!

Swopper Cover   Seat Covers
Branded microfibre fabrics in many attractive colours. Attractive, good feel, breathable and easy to clean. Very robust: abrasion resistance = 50,000 Martindale rubs.
Swopper Movement   Sideways Movements
You decide how much you want to move. The sideways movement is decisive for training the back muscles. You adjust this with the handwheel under the spring strut. We recommend setting it a little firmer at first, then later as flexible as possible. The essential criterion: your personal well-being.
Swopper Spring   Spring
The free-moving spiral spring made of high-quality steel enables the actual swopping - the up-and-down movement when sitting that is unique in the world. You can set the spring hardness individually according to your weight. In most cases the spring colour matches the seat.
Swopper Base   Base Ring
The stable base ring made of die-cast aluminium/steel is available with metal or felt gliders, or with rollers. It can be used on any type of floor. Diameter 55 cm, with rollers 58 cm.
Swopper Hardness   Adjustable Spring Hardness
You decide how hard the spring is to be: simply turn the sleeve to continuously adjust the spring hardness to suit your needs. The MEDIUM spring is optimised for people weighing from 60 kg to 120 kg.
Swopper Adjustment   Height Adjustment
You can adjust the swopper quickly and continuously to meet your individual requirements: seat height from 45 cm to 60 cm (loaded). Simply lift the lever under the seat and lighten the load on the seat - ideal for all sizes and table heights.
Gs Icon   The Swopper bears the GS symbol, certified as a chair. So it complies with device safety regulations and can be used anywhere, including offices and public institutions.
- Recycle Icon   The swopper is fully recycleable (except the gas operated compression spring)

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