Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Benefits: Tones the buttocks while correcting poor posture and improving the alignment of the body by straightening the back and spine.

As with all exercise, you need to listen to your body, keep the back of the neck and spine lengthened and the rib cage lifted. Remember to breathe as you work with the different exercises.

Mountain Pose  

Stand with your feet together, making sure that your feet are perfectly in line with one another and your heels and big toes are touching. Extend and stretch your toes outwards and across your feet, while keeping your weight balanced on the centre arch.

TIP: If you find it difficult to balance with your feet together, you can separate them by between 5-10cm

Stretch your legsupwards while pressing your feet firmly into the floor. Ensure that your legs are perfectly in line with one another and perpendicular to the floor. Lock your kneecaps and tighten your quadriceps and buttocks, pulling them inwards and upwards.

Rest your arms against the sides of your torso, with your elbow straight, palms facing inwards and your fingers extended. Stretch your neck while taking care to keep your muscles relaxes and your head and spine in a straight line. Lift your sternum, bring in your abdomen and expand your chest.

Breathe and hold the asana for 20-30 seconds. Take care not to balance on the front of your feet, keeping your weight on your heels.