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Edna Reinhardt Yoga Exercises for kids From Yoga to Dance for Kids

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Product Code: 0609722905039

by Edna Reinhardt

A fun way for kids to experience yoga! Yoga Education Resources and kids from Over the Moon Studio present Yoga to Dance with Edna Reinhardt.

In this video 10 boys and girls from 5 to 12 years old demonstrate a selection of yoga postures that are artfully arranged into 4 comprehensive yoga sequences.

  • a  warm up yoga sequence
  • kaleidoscope (a yoga sequence practised in a circle)
  • travelling (a yoga sequence that can move in space)
  • a cool down yoga sequence

Each sequence is demonstrated twice. Once with detailed instructions so that the postures can be practised accurately and then again with musical accompaniment to inspire the flowing nature of yoga sequences. In all there are 48 postures to learn.
An added bonus is the delightful demonstration of how you can use yoga technique as a basis for improvised or choreographed dance.


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