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Product Code: MS-BAM-PAD
Availability: In Stock

Bamboo Meditation Stools - Meditation Bench with padding

Price: $70.00
Ex Tax: $63.64
Product Code: MS-BAM-PAD

Bamboo meditation stool with plain coloured padding.

Meditating with our Eco Friendly Bamboo foldable Meditation Stool with stool cushion provides a very comfortable alternative for those who have difficulty in cross-legged sitting meditation.

The Bamboo Meditation Stool reduces knee, hip, ankle and back stress with effortless spine alignment. The hinged legs fold up for portability and storage.

This Bamboo meditation seat is made with beautiful and sustainable fast growing bamboo.

Meditation Stool weight: 2 kg

Max weight capacity: 75 kg

* Colour:


Width: 54 cm
Depth: 15 cm deep
Height: 16 cm high at front & 18.3 cm high at back
Weight: 0.8 kg

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