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Yoga Sandbag - Chambray

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Sandbags can help to deepen passive stretches and improve muscle strength. Every yoga pose has an anchor point upon which the body can tether. Placed over one or more of these anchor points, the pressure of a sandbag can facilitate increased passivity in the body.

Add filling to any desired weight (3.5 kg max)
Dimensions: 42 x 8.5 cm

Please note: we are awaiting stock of some colours. Please do not order if you are not happy to wait.

Slate Chambray
Delivery is approximately in mid August.

Pre Order yours today as stocks are limited and they sell out fast.

-- Certified Organic   The organic cotton yoga sandbags are certified organic: the OE 100 Standard.
Click here for more information.


* Colour:


Care Instructions: Cold wash with mild soap

To help preserve the beautiful print of our yoga sandbag, we recommend that you hand wash it in cold water with mild soap.

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