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Ionmax ION390 Replacement Filters Ionmax ION390 Replacement Filters
Product Code: APF-ION390-T
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Ionmax ION390 Replacement Filters

Price: $26.00
Ex Tax: $23.64
Product Code: APF-ION390-T

3-in-1 Replacement Flter and TiO2 Replacement Filter for ION 390 UV Air Purifier.

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The 3-in-1 filter for the Ionmax ION390 UV Air Purifier is a combination of three types of filters in one:
Pre-Filter: Removes larger particles from the air, such as hair, smoke, pollen and dust. Washable.
HEPA Filter: 99.5% HEPA filter filters out particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.
Deodorising / Carbon Filter: Deodorises and removes odours, smoke and VOCs from the air.

The Titanium Oxide (TiO2) filter helps the Ionmax ION390 to remove odours, harmful gases and VOCs. The filter is coated with Titanium Oxide, which reacts with UV rays to create ions that aggressively combine with other elements in the air, including bacteria and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

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