Our Story

Stretch Now Group supplies an excellent range of yoga props in the freshest and funkiest designs to commercial and home yoga studios all over the world. We use quality organic textiles and woven fabrics that not only look sensational but are made ethically and sustainably.

Recently, some of the Stretch Now team traveled to India to visit organic cotton growers. We were blown away to see that their farming practices have not changed in hundreds of years! Some of these time-honoured methods include crop rotation, the use of organic fertilisers, cover crops and weed control without using any chemicals.

When you choose Stretch Now, you can be assured our core values of care and respect flavour everything we do. We are more than an ‘add to basket’ organisation. When you deal with us, you deal with real people who love what they do. Our customers receive our full attention, knowledge and courtesy.

For props that pop - responsibly - think Stretch Now.