Organic Cotton
Yoga & Meditation Props

At Stretch Now, we have taken great pleasure in developing eco-friendly
yoga and meditation props that are original, high quality and
specifically designed for today's yoga practitioners and teachers

Yoga Blocks

Our yoga block range is made from natural sustainable materials,
select from balsa, bamboo, cork or organic cotton.

Stretch Now
Yoga Props

Yoga, when practiced regularly, invigorates our physical, mental and emotional energy.
It releases muscular tension, improves our posture and range of movement.

Organic Cotton
Printed Yoga Bolsters

Introducing our new range of printed organic cotton yoga bolsters.
You’ll be the envy of the yoga class when you turn up with your yoga bolster.

Earth Fusion Yoga Mats
Rubber and Jute

The Earth Fusion yoga mats have exceptional grip and durability
and are made from the union of two sustainable plant materials.

Yoga Mats

These yoga mats are non toxic, eco-friendly and have a strong non slip grip
ensuring stablilty while practicing your yoga asanas, perfect for use at home or in your studio.

Organic Cotton
Yoga Straps

Unique easy-release buckle holds strap securely in place.
The organic cotton used in the straps is grown without the use of chemicals.

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Height Adjustable Desk

Gain the full benefits of a dynamic and active posture with the touch of a button, effortlessly alternate between sitting and standing with a height adjustable sit stand desk.

Ergonomic Chair

We have ergonomic chairs to suit most body types and needs, from basic ergonomic chairs to sit stand chairs and stools designed for support and comfort.

Sit Stand Desk Option

Sitting increases your chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Check out our range of sit stand desk options for your desk.


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