Linen Yoga Clothes

Check out the Bhava linen clothing made from natural fabrics, 100% linen.
Beautiful, comfortable and easy to wear range that includes linen tops and linen pants
Perfect for yoga and meditation practice or everyday wear.

Yoga Socks - Non slip Pilates Socks

perfect for yoga, barre or Pilates, they allow you to move and exercise confidently.
These stylish casual non slip socks give you the grip you need for any exercise routine

Jute & rubber yoga mats

The Stretch Now Earth Fusion Jute mats have exceptional grip and durability and
are made from the union of two sustainable plant materials - natural rubber and jute.

View our yoga props range

Yoga, when practiced regularly, invigorates our physical, mental and emotional energy.
Yoga releases muscular tension, improves our posture and range of movement.

Organic Cotton Carry Bag

You'll love these bamboo and organic cotton shopping bags.
These bags are a normal supermarket size, they are eco-friendly and reusable.
They are also great for carrying a meditation zafu, yoga block, yoga strap and yoga blanket too.

Yoga bolster collection

Blending fresh, funky designs with quality organic textiles and woven fabrics,
these yoga bolsters not only look sensational but more importantly are
made ethically and responsibly too.

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Sit Stand desks

Height Adjustable Desk

Gain the full benefits of a dynamic and active posture with the touch of a button, effortlessly alternate between sitting and standing with a height adjustable sit stand desk.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic Chair

We have ergonomic chairs to suit most body types and needs, from basic ergonomic chairs to sit stand chairs and stools designed for support and comfort.

On Desk sit stand solutions

Sit Stand Desk Option

Sitting increases your chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Check out our range of sit stand desk options for your desk.


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