yoga bolster

Introducing our new range of printed organic cotton yoga bolsters. You’ll be the envy of the yoga class when you turn up with your yoga bolster.

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yoga props range

Yoga, when practiced regularly, invigorates our physical, mental and emotional energy. It releases muscular tension, improves our posture and range of movement.

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Pilates range

Improving your strength, flexibility and balance, pilates tones and builds long, lean muscles without bulk. It also strengthens your deep abdominal muscles, which supports your spine.


Jute & rubber
yoga mats

The Stretch Now Earth Fusion yoga mats have exceptional grip and durability and are made from the union of two sustainable plant materials - natural rubber and jute.

Blueair Sense
air purifier

Swedish designed Blueair air purifiers clean the air by removing dust particles, pollens and pet dander, often the triggers for allergy sufferers and those with  asthma. Available with carbon filters, to help remove VOC's (volatile organic compounds)

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Height Adjustable Desk
Gain the full benefits of a dynamic and active posture with the touch of a button, effortlessly alternate between sitting and standing with a height adjustable sit stand desk.
Ergonomic Chair
We have ergonomic chairs to suit most body types and needs, from basic ergonomic chairs to sit stand chairs and stools designed for support and comfort.
Sit Stand Desk Option
Sitting increases your chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Check out our range of sit stand desk options for your desk.
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Keeping the Joy
Okay, so I’m ready for my yoga practice. I’ve turned off my phone so I can have complete focus. I’ve rolled out my mat; blocks, straps and bolsters are ready for action, and today, I’ve  promised myself  I’m going to do better than I did in my last session. Yes! My postures are getting deeper and I achieve a new level of flexibility that I previously thought unattainable. However I am beginning to notice that more and more my yoga seems to be a bit of a chore. It’s become another one of those routine things that I do in life. Where’s the magic? Where’s my motivation gone? ..
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