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Air Purifiers with Hepa Filters

High quality Blueair air purifiers with hepa air filters for cleaning airborne particles such as dust mites and pollens and activated carbon filters for gasses, smoke and VOC's.

The Blue air Range is broken down into 3 Series:

  • 200 Series Air Purifier - ( 203, 270E, 205 ) - suitable for smaller rooms or bedrooms
  • 400 Series Air Purifier - ( 450E, ) - suitable for lounge rooms or larger rooms
  • 600 Series Air Purifier - ( ) - suitable for larger open plan living spaces
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Blueair 402/403/450E/480i Replacement Filter
Standard Filter Replacement Particle Filter for Blueair 402/403/450E/480i Air Purifier ..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Blueair 501/601/650E/680i Replacement Filter
Standard Filter Replacement Particle Filter for Blueair 501/601/650E/680i Air Purifier ..
Ex Tax: $126.36
Blueair Sense Replacement Filter
Replacement Filter for Blueair Sense Air Purifier ..
Ex Tax: $80.91
Coway HEPA Filter (DH model)
Coway's HEPA Filter is a powerful air filtration system that is fast enough to make cigarette smoke ..
Ex Tax: $40.91
Coway MCC Filter (DH model)
The Coway MCC (Multi Care Complex) Medium Filter removes 99.8% of yellow dust, 99.97% of influenza a..
Ex Tax: $56.36