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Earth Fusion Yoga Mat - Natural Rubber & Jute Yoga Mat

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The Stretch Now Earth Fusion jute yoga mats have exceptional grip and durability and are made from the union of two sustainable plant materials - natural rubber and jute.

  • eco-friendly
  • superb grip
  • biodegradable

4mm thick, weight: 2.3 kg


* Colour:


Dimensions: 183 cm x 61 cm x 4 mm
Materials: Rubber and Jute

Rubber is tapped from the rubber tree in an environmentally friendly way. When this mat is discarded it will break down to natural earth elements.

The natural fibre used in the fabric of our yoga mats comes from the stem and outer skin of the jute plant, a sustainable reed like plant that takes just four to six months to grow to maturity. The harvested stems are tied together and soaked in water to soften before being separated into the strands used in the Earth Fusion yoga mats.

How to Clean Yoga Mat
Wipe the mat with a damp cloth dipped in laundry suds, rinse and dry thoroughly in the shade.

Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight.
This natural rubber smell of this mat will dissipate with use.

This yoga mat is made from natural rubber and as such may contain latex, avoid contact with this mat if you are allergic to latex.

"I purchased all my Yoga gear from Stretch Now over 12 months ago, after finding them on the Web. It was a great buy and good quality! I do Yoga every week and my Mat, Bolster etc are wearing well. (I especially love the Mat - the best I have seen/used) Thank you."
Annette L Bryan

"I recently purchased a yoga mat and yoga cards from your stretch now website. This was the first purchase I have made from your company. I was very impressed with the product, the service and the fast delivery time.
I will definitely recommend your products and website to my family and friends. Kind regards
Rahnae Hawkins

"I bought a yoga mat and everyone is always asking me where I bought it. I tell them from Stretch Now. It is a great mat very comfortable and of a very high quality! I always recommend it to everyone. "
Megan Davis

"The mat sat well on the carpet, good stability, comfort and support not distracting in any way.. quite pleased with the new mat.. also pleased with the mat bag with sling which felt strong and stable on my back riding my motorcycle in to yoga.. noticed the quality metal buckle and internal pocket zippers, simple but effective top closure and general quality of stitching and so on.. delivered to my door and at a good total price for the quality of mat and bag.. so far im a satisfied customer, pleased with my new mat & bag.. Namaste"

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