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Product Code: KISWOP

Sitting still makes you ill. Sitting in motion keeps you healthy.

The swoppster is a unique stool designed for children for healthier sitting with more movement and fun. The swoppster prevents back problems, from the very beginning.

The swoppster is a child’s seat that moves in all three directions: backwards, forwards, sideways and up and down to adapt itself to each child’s individual love of movement. It was designed specially for children from 4 years onward (weighing approx. 15 to 50 kg and not taller than 165 cm). Ideal for children of kindergarten and primary school age.

  • The swoppster enables more movement than any other chair.
  • The swoppster encourages alertness, attentiveness and concentration.
  • The swoppster reduces physical and emotional tension.
  • The swoppster prevents bad posture and strengthens the back.
  • The swoppster is individually adjustable to the size, weight and movements of each child.
  • The swoppster is fun and puts children in a good mood.
  • Developed and produced by aeris GmbH

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The “swoppster” strengthens your child's back. The 3D active seat for children supports and encourages constant change of posture through its flexibility in sideways movements and vertical bounce.

Swopping makes you clever. Movement underlies brain maturation. It encourages neuronal networking and thus boosts the potential for the child's mental development.

No backbreaking sitting on the “swoppster”. The flexible sideways movements of the “swoppster” permit the active seat to adapt itself to the child's movements and not vice versa.

Swopping keeps you healthy and happy. The “swoppster” enables more movement than any other seat.

The swoppster is designed specially for children from 4 to 12 years old or who weigh from 15 kg to a maximum of 50 kg. It can be adjusted individually in height, spring hardness and sideways movement.

Height adjustment. Using the lever under the seat, children can easily adjust the swoppster themselves to the desired height anywhere between 32cm and 47.5cm from the floor.

3DEA high tech cushioning and a climate control mesh seat fabric - perfect for heat-regulation and pressure-relief.

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