Divine Child - Hayley The Harpist

This album is a collection of soothing harp music for young children and their guardians. It is comprised of original scores and lullabies by Australian harpist Hayley Erin.

The music on this album is subtle and gentle. It can be played to children to help ease them into slumber or become relaxed. if your child has trouble sleeping, this special harp music will help them sleep much better.

Other purposes for this album:

  • Music for unborn babies - play gently near the womb
  • For children or adults to enhance relaxation
  • To create an ambient vibe at a dinner party or social event
  • For use in massage or alternative therapy clinics

Listen to sample:


01 - Butterfly (6:33)
02 - Divine Child (11:56)
03 - The Faery Harp (6:14)
04 - Lotus Lullaby (11:07)
05 - Peace Song (5:16)
06 - Angel Dreaming (11:59)

Running Time: 52 mins

Eco Info

Packaged in 100% recycled and biodegradable materials and printed with non toxic vegetable inks

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