Ergoapt Tower Laptop Stand

The Ergoapt Tower is a laptop stand with a wide range of height and angle adjustments. The Tower has been designed to elevate laptops for improved viewing ergonomics. With two high tension pivot points the ideal viewing height and angle can be achieved, improving comfort and productivity.

To ensure proper ergonomic positioning, the Tower should be used in conjunction with a external keyboard and mouse.


Monitor Height is Key
The Tower does not have set height or angle levels, any position within the range of height and angle can be selected. The high tension pivot points deliver stable and ergonomic positioning. Due to the fluid adjustability range delivered by the high tension pivot points, the actual maximum heigh delivered will depend on the laptop being used and the preferred angle of the user.

Adjustable in Height and Angle
Monitor position, height and angle are a large component of the ergonomic office workspace setup. Incorrect monitor positioning can lead to issues with vision, and discomfort in the neck, shoulders and back. While working off a laptop for long periods, a laptop stand, external mouse and external keyboard should be used to avoid negative health impacts.

Reach New Heights
The Tower Laptop Stand has a wide height range. With the laptop plate having the capability to reach up to 200mm above desk height, ergonomic positioning and viewing can be achieved via the Tower Laptop Stand. The height range of the Tower from the desk to the laptop plate is 30mm – 200mm. Due to the varying sizes of laptops, ensure that the laptop is balanced and secure before releasing from your grip on the laptop.

Working the Angels
The angle range of the Tower at the lowest height position is 0° – 45°. The angle range of the Tower at the highest height position is -90° to +90°. Due to the varying sizes of laptops, ensure that the laptop is balanced and secure before releasing from your grip.

Set and Forget or Pack Away Each Day
Both pivot points offer almost 180ׄ° of angle adjustment which allows for a wide range of height and viewing angles which makes it suitable for a variety of users, laptops and workspaces. Once the ideal position is found the Tower can be left in position, or folded flat and stored.

Feel the Tension
The Tower has two pivoting points, per side, that are the method in which the height and angle is adjusted. These pivot points use friction to offer resistance to motion, similar to the hinges used by laptops, with a higher resistance setting to support the weight of laptops. This functionality allows height and angles to be selected without any separate components.

Lightweight and Engineered
The Tower is manufactured from lightweight and durable aluminium. Rubber accents on the base and across the top and bottom of the laptop plate ensure a stable and non slip platform. A deep ledge along the base of the plate secures the laptop. Vents across the laptop plate reduce the weight and provide ventilation for laptops.

Folded flat Maximum Minimum
Width 275mm 275mm 275mm
Depth 220mm 220mm 220mm
Height 45mm 210mm 45mm
Angle 0° – +45° -90° +90°

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