Germitrol G28W Wall Unit Air Sterilizer

The Germitrol G28W is a Wall Unit Air Sterilizer, using UV light to KILL unwanted harmful airborne germs. It specialises in upper air irradiation, designed to be fitted on the wall at about six feet height or more. It can be left switched on for 24hrs, which means the kill rate / sanitization process continues on an ongoing basis.

Air containing lots of germs is irradiated as it passes over the Germitrol 28W by means of natural air movement and / or convection. Harmful germs are killed in this process because they cannot escape the lethal UV radiation emitted by the Wall unit.


The Germitrol unit is used in research laboratories where lab technicians require protection from unseen harmful micro-organisms in the air all around them. With the Germitrol , they can have peace of mind knowing they are protected. G28W is also ideal for use in public, hospital & commercial toilets. Customers who have installed Germitrol 28W, (in what they regarded as the most problematic of toilets).....are satisfied that it has worked wonders. Power for the unit can be directed from light fittings, so there is an effective method of controlling the power usage - when the lights are on, the Germitrol wall steriliser is also on.

The G28W is ideal as a replacement for or complement to, existing toilet air fresheners that provide scented smell which might camouflage the dangers behind without actually treating the background air quality.

In a test conducted by an accredited Australian laboratory on Germitrol unit, 2.1 X 10^8 Legionnaire's Bacteria was killed, only 6 counts left after 3 minutes! That's a kill rate of 99.9999%. Properly designed effective Ultra Violet system is well known to kill VIRUSES! Germitrol Patented UVC Air Sterilizer Systems are specially designed to KILL micro-organisms.

It is also comforting to know that in a chamber test done in Australia, the four types of harmful bacteria......Staph. Aureus, Legionnaire's Bacteria, Salmonella and E Coli are very effectively killed (Note: KILLED, not TRAPPED or DEACTIVATED) with such incredible percentage as high as 99.9999%. Germitrol's UVC radiation which peaks at 254nm creates the best wavelength for DNA to absorb, hence destroying the micro-organisms, including viruses.

So if you are looking for an affordable solution to sanitising your office, kitchen, laboratory, nursing home, or any commercial, public or hospital toilet - the Germitrol 28W is the answer. With no filter replacements, or ongoing maintenance required, the G28W is the most efficient air steriliser on the market.

Dimensions 240 x 90 x 90 mm
Weight 1 kg
Room size 10 m2
Cleaning efficiency 99%
Voltage 220 AC
Power usage 11 watts (max)
Warranty 1 year warranty

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