Giroflex G313 Swivel Armchair

Sit down, lean back and feel good. The Giroflex 313 chair is as flexible as its users are different.

The Giroflex 313 is perfect for any place where different people need to sit comfortably to work, being a conference room, co-working spaces, or the home office.

The Synchro Motion mechanism specially developed by Giroflex. Right from the start it provides maximum seating comfort and ease of operation. The seat and back align perfectly with the user’s body weight. Only the seat height is adjusted manually. The chair does the rest.

  • The back part of the seat supports the pelvis and prevents the user from sliding out of the chair. The front part of the seat is positioned on a slight forward tilt, relieving pressure on the thighs.
  • The seat and back align perfectly with the user’s body weight, enabling ideal back support. And a synchronised mechanism ensures all adjustments are carried out automatically. The only parameters requiring manual alteration are the seat height and the locking mechanism when the chair is in an upright position – making the chair ideal for shared workstations.
  • The Giroflex 313 is reduced to the bare essentials, comprising just four components that integrate all of the chair’s functions. It is extremely easy to assemble and dissemble, and lightweight, too.
  • Adjustable seat height is the key to a truly ergonomic workspaces. That’s why it is an integral feature of Giroflex task chairs.
  • Fixed arms
Seat Height
390 - 521mm
Overall Height 880 - 1010mm
Backrest Height 450mm
Backrest Width 470mm
Seat Width 490mm
Overall Width 700mm
Seat Depth 440mm
Max Weight Capacity 120kg
Gas Cylinder Lift 125mm


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