HAG Credo H04

The HÅG Credo H04 is the ideal office chair for balance and freedom of movement. Balance - because it is the best starting point for movement; and freedom of movement - because if you can move freely, you can concentrate fully on your work.

The HÅG Credo H04 is the new version of HÅG Credo, Scandinavia's best selling office chair. With a traditional but contemporary visual design, this is the perfect chair for all companies and offices, big or small. The HÅG Credo H04 satisfies the most stringent environmental requirements on production and choice of materials. The plastic components are labelled by type; for at-source-sorting. Easily replaceable components result in a product with a long service life. 86% of the chair is recycleable!

Colour Option:
Black is normally available immediately.
Other colours can take up to 10 weeks.

For details on HAG environmental sustainability, please view this link.

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