HAG Futu Mesh Task Chair with Mesh Back

HÅG Futu is a simple, elegant and intelligent chair. At the core of the chair is inBalance, a unique technology that allows you to make easy adjustments according to individual ergonomic needs. HÅG Futu provides the best of two worlds; an advanced interior based on HÅG's new inBalance technology, and an exciting, streamlined exterior that gives flexibility when used in different rooms and for different applications.

HÅG Futu is innovative in its design - operating levers and knobs are fully functional on the inside but minimal on the outside for a smooth visual appearance and a dynamic seating experience.

For details on HAG environmental sustainability, please view this link.


Easy and intelligent adjustment of chair

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Seat depth adjustable by moving the backrest (rather than the seat itself)
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Includes smart seat slide, lumbar and height adjustment
  • Adjustable tilt tension
  • Discreet levers and buttons activate the chair mechanisms & adjustments - offers intelligent design with a clean lines
  • Five star aluminum base with grooved footplaces

InBalance by HAG - the next generation floating seat mechanism

  • InBalance technology incorporated into the HÅG Futu chair - a tilting function moves the chair backwards 16º & forwards 13º smoothly (can be locked in place)
  • Tilt resistance easily adjusted with 5 step lever

FutuKnit - 3D shape-knitted fabric

  • Upholstered with FutuKnit (a 3D-woven fabric that is elastic, stable & extremely comfortable) and suspended over a recycled polypropylene shell
  • Made from 50% recycled materials & is 97% recyclable- no composites, chromes or glues are used.

Seated Height
with standard 165 mm gas lift
   400 - 550 mm  
Back Height   600 mm  
Back Width   380 mm  
Seat Depth   380 - 460 mm  
Seat Width   485 mm  
Arm Height Adjustment   250 mm  
Width between Arms   460 - 550 mm  
Max Load   110 kg  
Five Star Base Diameter   720 mm  
Chair Weight   17 kg

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