Humanscale 6G Keyboard Tray Big Platform 22 Inch Track

Humanscale patented keyboard systems have effortless height and angle adjustment. Promoting negative tilt keying, the keyboard platforms will not go into a positive tilt. Humanscale keyboard trays are solidly anchored to any work surface, and shape to specific user needs. Hypoallergenic Gel palm supports offer height and durability, and are designed to be compatible with human skin.

Requires 56cm clearance on underside of desk for attachment.


Intuitive height adjustment that requires no locks, levers or controls
Dial-a-tilt positioning that allows you to type at the angle most comfortable for you
Ultra-thin profile to provide maximum knee clearance
Superior design to provide maximum strength and stability yet extremely lightweight
Raised tilt mechanism to protect the keyboard from collisions with the edge of the desk


Keyboard Mechanism:
Tilt adjustment range: 0 degrees to -15 degrees
Exceeds BIFMA standards
Made primarily of powder-coated steel

Keyboard Platform:
Palm support: 48.26 cm wide
Keyboard tray: 68.58 cm wide x 26.92 cm deep
Made of 1/4” phenolic resin
Durable and slim profile
Technogel slim palm supports

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