Humanscale Foot Rocker

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Humanscale Foot Rockers get feet moving for health and comfort. Offering relief from prolonged, static sitting by encouraging gentle rocking of the feet, they engage lower leg muscles to increase healthy circulation. 
Designed to be the perfect accessory to an ergonomic work environment, the FR300 enhances the experience of the ergonomic workstation.  


Two-sided design flips over quickly and easily
Ball bearing rollers on a metal track provide the smooth, rocking movement
Non-skid inset pads keep feet from slipping off the surface
3" height adjustment for individual height preferences
Rubber feet to hold the foot machine in place
Colour: Natural


Dimensions 406mm (W) x 302mm (D)
Height Range 95mm - 171mm
Platform Solid hardwood
Frame Steel
Metal Finish Black


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