Ionmax ION612 Air Dehumidifier

The Ionmax ION612 Dehumidifier helps to control the humidity of the air and efficiently keep excessive moisture at bay. High in performance with energy-saving features, the ION612 is perfect for family homes and offices.

As a desiccant rotor dehumidifier, the ION612 can run with a constant and stable intake of humid air and helps to save you on electricity usage. And unlike compressor dehumidifiers, the ION612 does not emit greenhouse gases and is very eco-friendly. Overall, the ION612 desiccant dehumidifier is quiet and more efficient than other dehumidifiers.


Silver Nano technology:
The ION612 not only optimises the humidity level in your home and office, it also cleans it at the same time. Its silver nano technology filter kills bacteria on contact, giving you cleaner, healthier air.

The ION612 is extremely quiet, producing only 34dBA of sound, making it ideal for use at night when sleeping.

Environmentally Friendly
As a dessicant dehumidifier, the ION612 is much more eco-friendly than other dehumidifiers. It contains no harmful gases and is CFC-free.

Other Features

  • Compressorless dehumidifier - uses desiccant rotor technology
  • Moisture removal - 7 litres/day (20°C RH60%)
  • Water tank capacity - 2 litres
  • Built-in ioniser
  • Electronic louvre
  • Laundry mode - helps to dry out damp clothes
  • Up to 8 hour timer - for added convenience
  • Temperature range for use ~ 1°C - 40°C
  • Light & portable with carry handle
  • Removable water bucket with handle
  • Operating light
  • Auto restart after power cut - Once the power is restored after a power failure, the appliance will continue to operate at the selected settings prior to the power failure.



Dimensions (W x D x H)   290 x 175 x 475 mm
Weight   6 kg
Power usage   360 - 620 W
Power source   DC12V /240 AC
Daily dehumidifying rate   7L (20oC, 60% RH)
Tank volume   2 L
Operating hour   8 - 12 hours a day

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