Ionmax ION650 Rhine Compressor Dehumidifier 50L

The most powerful dehumidifier in the market.

The Ionmax Rhine ION650 Compressor Dehumidifier effectively helps prevent the growth of mould by removing up to a whopping 50 litres of moisture from the air daily, collecting the moisture in its large 5.1-litre water tank.

Covering rooms of up to 40 square metres, this unit is ideal for households dealing with moisture damage issues in warm climates.

Excellent Dehumidification

The WiFi app control allows users to monitor the dehumidifier's performance and make informed changes to the settings through their smartphone to achieve their preferred relative humidity level within the room.

The Ionmax Rhine also has a built-in washable filter to help remove large dust particles from the air, leaving you with cleaner, dehumidified air household-wide.

Protects your Home

The Ionmax ION650 helps to protect furniture, electronics and wood in your home by maintaining an optimal indoor humidity level to prevent condensation, mildew and rot.

Protects your Health

Use the Ionmax ION650 to prevent symptoms of allergy, asthma and respiratory ailments by maintaining an optimal indoor humidity level to inhibit mould, dust mite and bacteria growth.


Full control over humidity levels

Adjust the relative humidity and power levels for energy saving operation or quick laundry drying.

Safe to use unattended

Auto mode with built-in humidistat. Switches off automatically when the tank is full and restarts after a power cut.

Remote monitoring & setting via app

Monitor indoor relative humidity and adjust settings remotely via the app.

Coverage of up to 40 m2

Move it around your home using the integrated carry handle and four castor wheels underneath.

Dimensions 620 x 256 x 368 mm
Room size 50 m2
Tank Capacity
5.1 L
Working Temperature 5°C - 35°C
Moisture Removal 50 L a day (at 30°C RH80%)
Power usage 793 watts
Weight 19 kg
2 years

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