Kinesis Advantage 360

Contoured design maximises comfort and boosts productivity
All new fully split contoured keyboard is designed to provide maximum comfort and adjustability. Split, splay and tent each module for the optimal typing posture. The Advantage360 is also equipped with tactile Brown mechanical key switches and the SmartSet Programming Engine.

Available in 2 models
The all new Advantage360 Professional features the same great ergonomics as the base model, but without all the cables. Connect wirelessly with up to 5 Bluetooth devices, and ditch the link cable for even more freedom of movement. The Pro uses the open source ZMK firmware for vast customisation options for power-users.

Adjustable Split
Separate and rotate modules independently to keep wrists straight and reduce ulnar deviation.

Proven Contoured Shape
Hands and fingers are placed in a natural, relaxed position to shorten reach and reduce extension.

Vertical Key Configuration
Unlike traditional staggered keyboards, the orthogonal layout mirrors the natural motion of your fingers

  • Concave keywells are scooped into a bowl shape to reduce hand and finger extension and relax muscles.
  • The keys are arranged in vertical columns (rather than staggered) to better reflect the natural motion of fingers.
  • Separating the keywells positions the arms at shoulder-width to keep wrists straight and perpendicular to the home row to reduce abduction and ulnar deviation.
  • The thumb clusters include frequently-used keys such as Enter, Space, Backspace, and Delete to redistribute workload away from the weaker and overused little fingers to stronger thumbs.
  • The two keywells are “tented” to moderately raising the thumb side of the hand. Tenting positions in a neutral, posture and reduces the stresses caused by forearm pronation. Three heights are available to suit a range of users.
  • The integrated palm supports reduce stressful bending of the wrists and provide a convenient place to rest your hands when you are not actively typing. Add the new premium pads for even more support.
Width (with linking cable) Min Separation: 387mm / Max Separation: 540mm
Distance between F & J Keys Min: 184mm / Max: 337mm
Width of each module 191mm
Depth (front-to-back) 203mm
Height Min: 70mm / Max: 102mm
Weight 1.47kg

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