Linak Kick and Click Electric Height Adjustable Desk with Bluetooth Smart Switch

By modifying the workstation to suit your individual needs, you can easily reduce the causes of work-related strain. The Linak height adjustable desk is an easy way to improve your posture. This efficient and stylish desk can be customised to suit your office decor.
At the touch of a button, the Linak glides smoothly to your required height. With an immense 160 kg lifting capacity, it is an understated yet elegant addition to any workplace.
The PIEZO anti-collision technology minimises the risk for damages on a desk caused by collision with an obstacle.

The new LINAK Smart Switch with Bluetooth Connection now comes standard with the desk.
This new LINAK Smart Switch operated by a gentle tilt. It comes with Bluetooth® wireless technology, memory and reminder functions.

The new LINAK Desk Control software allows you to control the desk via software on the PC/Mac. All you need is the software and USB2LIN06 cable, available here.
Linak Battery Box is available to purchase here.

* Monitor and keyboard are not included.

Desks are shipped "Flat Packed" and will need to be assembled. Please note that the desktop is not pre-drilled. For more info, please view Installation below.


PIEZO anti-collision solution
The PIEZO sensor is completely integrated in the leg with no visible changes and no extra mounting. A hardware based anti-collision solution is more sensitive and works faster than a typical software solution. You can provide a longer lifetime to your office equipment – safeguarding your investment because it prevents material damage to a desk if a collision with a solid object occurs.

The Perfect Fit
Press the button to quickly and smoothly adjust the desk to your ideal comfort level anytime of the day.

Feel Better
Studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing results in less discomfort and reduces the amount of fatigue many people feel at the end of the work day.

Lose Weight
A study from the Mayo Clinic shows you can burn an additional 340 calories a day if you spend two hours of your work day standing instead of sitting.

Flexible Workspace
Want to have a meeting at your desk with a co-worker and look at papers or the viewing screen without straining? No problem. As an added bonus, when you stand you can keep meetings and interruptions shorter.

Prevent Injury
Fitting the workstation to your individual needs can reduce the causes of work related stress. Alternate between sitting and standing and reduce these risks much further by avoiding problems caused by static posture or positions.


All of our desks are shipped flat-packed, and require minimal assembly. Desks come with full instructions, as well as all the pieces, screws and bolts necessary for installation. Please note, a Phillips head screwdriver, drill and hammer are required.

Height Range    630mm to 1280mm
Frame Lifting Capacity   160kg
Frame Colour   Grey or White
Speed   38mm/sec
Modesty Panel   Steel beam
Controller   Smart Switch with Bluetooth Connection
Desktop Colours      
Desktop Sizes   1200 x 800 mm
    1600 x 800 mm
    1800 x 800 mm
Warranty   5 years on motor and 5 years on frame

Download Installation Guide
Installation Guidelines
Download Linak Kick & Click Manual
Kick & Click Manual
Download Linak Smart Switch Manual
Linak Smart Switch Manual
Download Linak Troubleshooting
Download Case Study on Height adjustable Desk
Case Study on Height Adjustable Desk

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