Living Calm in a Busy World

by Pauline McKinnon

The pressured pace of living today has contributed to increased levels of anxiety, nervousness and stress. In an attempt to alleviate this stress and to reconnect with inner calmness, many people are turning to meditation. While this may seem a relatively new trend, the way was paved over 50 years ago by Ainslie Meares MD, a renowned and internationally recognised Melbourne psychiatrist.

His unique form of meditation has proved effective for anxiety reduction, the relief of many symptoms including depression, and for general remedial purposes, pioneering today's 'mind-body' medicine. An innovative thinker and poet, Meares authored many books and published numerous medical papers. From his theories regarding the relationship between anxiety and organic illness, his work using meditation in the treatment of cancer shocked many yet has been proved worthy.

Here is a contemporary commentary on his work and its distinctive difference from generic forms of meditation. It is also a practical guide to understanding and teaching Meares' unique therapeutic approach – the calming experience of stillness learned through the personal attention of the practitioner.

252 pages

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