Mindfulness Meditations for Teens

by Bodhipaksa

Not so long ago, many people thought that meditation involved dropping out of society and joining a cult. But most of us don’t want to drop out of society — we just don’t want it messing with our heads.

Mindfulness is a way of holding on to your sanity when life seems to be going out of its way to make you go crazy -- with people who don't understand you, work, schoolwork, stress, and scheduling challenges that would baffle a super-computer.

Studies have shown that teens who meditate are happier, more focused, and less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors from bullying to bulimia.

Mindfulness can help you discover the real you that’s below all the junk that life fills your head with. It helps you to be more genuinely yourself. Once you learn to quiet your mind you’ll find that there’s a calmer, more positive, more creative you just waiting to be let free.


Here's what's on the album:

Introduction. 0:31
Why Meditate? (And what is mindfulness, anyway?) 5:00
Listen Up! (Listening as a mindfulness practice.) 7:27
Eye-Max. (A quick way to relax.) 7:48
Getting Out of Our Heads. (Meditating on the body.) 16:39
Go With the Flow. (Meditating with the breath.) 11:49
Shields Up! (Finding peace and security.) 7:43
Rewind, Be Kind (Learning to love life -- and yourself) 9:44
One Thing at a Time. (Bringing mindfulness into daily life.) 5:01 1
Credits 0:32

Total Running Time: 72:31

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