Poly Plantronics DA85 QD to USB-A/USB-C Adapter

Poly Plantronics DA85 QD to USB-A/USB-C Audio Processor Cable, inline control

Hybrid working? No problem. Poly’s DA Series digital adapters keep call center employees sounding clear at home or in the office with easy USB-A or USB-C connections. Full Microsoft Teams integration gives you access to everything Teams has to offer. They even adjust audio to each specific headset, offering pro-grade call quality.

The controls are simple to use, including a unique single hold button for audio and video (Poly DA 85 model). Durable enough for 50,000 disconnects, and gentle enough to preserve your hearing, these adapters upgrade any Poly QD headset to a new standard of excellence. Flexible and future-proof, only from Poly.

  • Inline controls let you adjust your volume, mute and answer calls
  • Ideal for use with either computer or desk phones with USB port
  • Compact size
  • Plug and play - requires no additional software
  • Saves desk space
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Full backwards compatibility for any Poly QD headset
  • Built-in USB-A and USB-C connectors
  • Intelligent headset recognition

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