SP1500c Swimming Pool Dehumidifier up to 150L per day - Specially Coated Coils

Micro processor controlled humidistat allowing controlled operation down to 1ºC. Loss of power protection with Auto Re-Start. Great value commercial quality wall mount dehumidifier. Great for document storage! Helps with mould removal and condensation prevention. IP22 Class rating

  • The well-designed Compressor and coil capacity boost a unit’s water removal rate.
  • Mode of functioning: Condensation principle (Heat pump technology with energy recovery.)
  • Hot Gas Defrost system is microprocessor controlled, allowing effective operation down to 1ºC.
  • Simple gravity feed for water removal
  • Casing- Hard plastic, Splash & Rust resistant
  • Digital -Humidistat with automatic control.

IDEAL for Museums, Museums, art galleries, buildings exposed to corrosive salt air, under floor areas and documents storage, archiving up to 1600m³ etc. Pool area up to 90m³

  • Reduces condensation on windows, walls and other
  • Preventing Mould, corrosion and rot within the building.
  • Coated Coils for harsh environments (ie beach homes)
  • User-friendly remote control or touch panel operation.
  • Well designed graphical user interface implemented into the touch pad control panel for easy operation.
  • Remote Control for easy operation.
  • Digital Humidistat Control
  • Loss Power Protection with Auto Restart

Multiple Installation

  • Wall Mount/Floor Mount/Mobile suit for different user environment.

Robust Construction

  • Hard plastic, splash and rust resistant.

Low Maintenance

  • Careful compressor starting extends its life.

Environmental Friendly

  • R410A CFC free Refrigerant

Dimensions  (L x W x H)   1000 x 325 x 800 mm
Weight   68 kilograms
Water Removal
  150L per day (30°C/80%RH)
 65L per day (20°C/60%RH)
 40L per day (10°C/70%RH)
Operating Temp. Range   1° - 40° C
Operation Humidity Range   25%RH up to 80%RH +/- 5%
Refrigent (CFC Free)   R410A
Power Consumption   1900 Watt
Voltage / Cycle   240V Single Phase Power
Ampere   9 Amps
Rated Air Flow   900 m3/h
Noise Level   48 dB @ 1 metre
Installation / Mobility   Mobile / Floor Mount / Wall Mount
Control Panel   Simple Operation Touch-pad
Defrost Type   Hot-gas bypass
Housing   Hard plastic
Castors   Not applicable
Drain Hose Length   3 m
Cable Length   3 m

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