Under-Desk CPU Holder CS21

The Strap-style CPU holder lifts a computer off the floor and fixes it to the underside of a desk providing more room for desk storage while protecting the computer from ground vibrations, potential static shocks from dust bunnies and accidental bumps. Having the CPU suspended from a desk also allows for more convenient access to data ports and media drives. Simply attach the 35cm metal brackets to the underside of a desk, adjust the 167cm straps around the CPU unit and tighten the buckles to hold it in place.


Straps accommodate a variety of CPU sizes:

  • CPU maximum width of 80 mm maximum height at 600 mm or
  • CPU maximum width at 700 mm maximum height at 30 mm.

Buckle adjustable, 167cm straps with anti-skid pads.
35cm metal brackets screw into the underside of a desk or table.
Designed to work with most desktop computers.
Wraps around the CPU unit for a firm and stable grip.
Fully adjustable to fit a variety of CPU widths and lengths.
Max Weight: 20kg

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