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Air Purifiers with Hepa Filters

High quality Blueair air purifiers with hepa filters for cleaning airborne particles such as dust and pollens and carbon filters for gasses, smoke and VOC's.

The Blueair Range is broken down into 3 Series:

200 Series - ( 203, 270E, 205 ) - suitable for smaller rooms or bedrooms
400 Series - ( 450E, 480i ) - suitable for lounge rooms or larger rooms
600 Series - ( 680i ) - suitable for larger open plan living spaces

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AeraMax® DX95 Air Purifier
The Fellowes AeraMax™ DX95 Air Purifier uses a four-stage purification system to remove airborne par..
Ex Tax: $362.73
Based on 1 reviews.
Blueair 203 Slim Air Purifier
The Blueair Classic 203 Slim takes up so little space, yet it delivers solid clean-air performance. ..
Ex Tax: $480.91
Blueair 450E Air Purifier
The Blueair 450E effectively purifies air in rooms as large as 36 square metres. Using patented two-..
Ex Tax: $762.73
Blueair 650E Air Purifier
The best made better! The 650E Air Purifier cleans more air, more efficiently. In rooms as large as ..
Ex Tax: $1,090.91
Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier
The next Wi-Fi enabled generation of our timeless air purifier is great for small rooms up to 26 squ..
Ex Tax: $635.45
Blueair Classic 480i Air Purifier
Taking care of the well-being of you and your family means knowing how to control the quality of the..
Ex Tax: $1,090.00
Blueair Classic 680i Air Purifier
The Blueair Classic 680i Air Purifier is one of the largest clean air delivery rates of any room air..
Ex Tax: $1,362.73
Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier
Breathe like nature intended with Blueair Sense. Ideal for small rooms (up tp 18 sqm), this sleek ai..
Ex Tax: $677.27
Germitrol G28W Wall Unit Air Sterilizer
The Germitrol G28W is a Wall Unit Air Sterilizer, using UV light to KILL unwanted harmful airborne g..
Ex Tax: $245.45
Ion Ace 512 Anti-Bacterial Filter Kit
2 x Anti-Bac HEPA Filter and  1 x Dust Pre Filter for Ion Ace 512. ..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Ion Ace 512 Dust Pre-Filter
Dust pre- filter for Ion Ace 512. ..
Ex Tax: $12.50
Ion Ace 512 HEPA Filter
Standard HEPA Filter Standard HEPA filter for Ion Ace 512.  Anti-Bac HEPA Filter Anti bact..
Ex Tax: $36.32
Ion Ace 512 Odourstop Pre-Filter
Dust and Odour Pre Filter for Ion Ace 512. ..
Ex Tax: $31.82
Ion Ace 512 Standard Filter Kit
2 x Standard HEPA Filter and  1 x Dust Pre Filter for Ion Ace 512. ..
Ex Tax: $80.91
Ion Filter for ION60, ION70 and ION85
Filter for ION60, ION70 and ION85. This filter is designed to soften water by collecting harsh mi..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Ion Filter for ION90
The Nano Silver Filter Replacement for ION90 is a replacement filter for the Ionmax Hybrid Humidifie..
Ex Tax: $22.73
Ionmax ION260 Personal Air Ioniser
Accompany you where ever you are, Keeps air clean and fresh The personal wearable ionic air ioniser ..
Ex Tax: $62.73
Ionmax ION330 Car Air Purifier
The new ION330 is a small desktop or car air purifier with 5 different purification systems, combini..
Ex Tax: $135.45
Ionmax ION330 Replacement Filter Set
The Ionmax ION330 Replacement Filter Set includes filters for the six different types of air purific..
Ex Tax: $33.64
Ionmax ION390 Replacement Filters
3-in-1 Replacement Flter and TiO2 Replacement Filter for ION 390 UV Air Purifier. ..
Ex Tax: $11.82
Ionmax ION390 UV Air Purifier
The Ionmax® ION390 UV Air Purifier provides you and your family with complete air purification by co..
Ex Tax: $335.45
Ionmax ION401 Air Ioniser
The Ionmax® ION401 MIDI tower ionic air purifier - air ioniser circulates air without the use of lou..
Ex Tax: $271.82
Ionmax ION60 Air Humidifier
The Ionmax ION60 Cool Mist Humidifier allows a fine mist into the dry air in your home, office or wo..
Ex Tax: $132.73
Ionmax ION612 Air Dehumidifier
The Ionmax ION612 Dehumidifier helps to control the humidity of the air and efficiently keep excessi..
Ex Tax: $426.36
Ionmax ION632 Air Dehumidifier
The Ionmax ION632 dehumidifier helps you to maintain an optimum level of humidity in your home or of..
Ex Tax: $540.91
Ionmax ION681 Air Dehumidifier
The Ionmax ION681 Compact Dehumidifier reduces humidity to slow the growth of mould and mildew thus ..
Ex Tax: $180.91
Based on 1 reviews.
Ionmax ION70 Air Humidifier
The Ionmax ION70 is our newest humidifier and designed for efficiency and ease of use. The ION70 rei..
Ex Tax: $180.91
Ionmax ION90 Air Humidifier
This whisper-quiet unit is packed with features like UV Bio-Photocatalyst sterilisation and deodoris..
Ex Tax: $271.82
Jumbo Display Thermometer-Hygrometer
Jumbo Display Thermometer/Hygrometer which displays the temperature and humidity together on the one..
Ex Tax: $64.95
Power SD1000 Mobile Dehumidifier up to 126L per day
The well designed Compressor and coil capacity boost a unit's water removal rate. Well designed..
Ex Tax: $2,877.27