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A footrest is required if your feet do not touch the floor wile sitting - we stock low profile footrests to height and tilt adjustable to suit most heights.

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The Fundamentals Footrest CW2000
A versatile design which provides easy adjustment for people of different heights. The footrest heig..
Ex Tax: $78.18
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Z Rest Footrest
This ergonomic footrest is the easy and economical way to ensure that office personnel sit comfortab..
Ex Tax: $195.45
3M Adjustable Footrest FR530CG
Adjustable footrest. Ergonomic design positions you properly to help reduce back, neck and leg strai..
Ex Tax: $131.82
Fellowes Standard Footrest
Fellowes Standard Footrest offers dual-position height adjustment with a free-floating platform that..
Ex Tax: $60.91
Fluteline Adjustable Footrest
The Fluteline footrest offers four adjustable non-skid feet with a large level of adjustment. Height..
Ex Tax: $81.82
Fluteline Curved Adjustable Footrest
The curve on the Fluteline Curved Footrest follows the same radius as your chair. The middle support..
Ex Tax: $145.41
Humanscale Foot Machine
The Humanscale Foot Machine is more than a foot rest because you can take off your shoes and stimula..
Ex Tax: $218.18
Kensington SoleMassage
Pamper your tired feet and invigorate your ankles and legs with this Kensington SoleMassage footrest..
Ex Tax: $60.00
Kensington Solemate Plus
Be a friend to your legs and back. Reduce muscle strain and fatigue by supporting your legs at an op..
Ex Tax: $86.65
Kensington SoleRest
Improve posture and circulation while you work! Keeps legs elevated for improved posture and circu..
Ex Tax: $60.00
Sylex Height & Tilt Adjustable Footrest
High grade moulded plastic Height adjustable Tilt adjustable Rubber tread (can be removed for cle..
Ex Tax: $77.27
Sylex Tilt Adjustable Footrest
A fixed height, tilt adjustable footrest. The footrest platform is made of high grade moulded plasti..
Ex Tax: $59.09