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Brand new spring colours

Introducing our great new Spring colours – Grape Compote, Taupe and Warm Mist. Available across our full range of meditation cushions, yoga bolsters and yoga straps, these vivid warm colours are designed to work not just to fit your style, but your home décor as well!
Constructed from high-quality organic cotton and stuffed firm full of traditional buckwheat husks, our eco-friendly meditation cushions and yoga bolsters are not only good for your body, but good for your mind as well.
The new colours are available now through www.stretchnow.com.au or our dedicated yoga and meditation portal www.ecoyoga.com.au, check them out today!

Back Care, Pilates-style

Taking care of your back is not simply about ensuring that you are sitting and standing correctly. Nor is it about doing an endless number of stomach crunches. The abdominal muscles get most of the attention, but they form only a small part of the core system that contributes to a strong and stable back.
The muscles of the core run the length of our trunk and torso, from your erector spinae in your neck and upper back, right down to your obliques. A strong core, across all of these muscles in your waist and upper-torso, distributes the stresses of weight-bearing and thus protects the back.
If you’re experiencing back pain and looking to boost your core strength Pilates may offer the solution. Designed by German physical-culturalist Joseph Pilates in the 1880s, the practice seeks to develop controlled movement from a base of strong muscles in the back, abdomen and torso. Try these three exercises to boost your posture and core strength.
Note: As with all exercise, you need to listen to your body, keep the back of the neck and spine lengthened and the rib cage lifted. Remember to breathe as you work with the different exercises.

If you’re new to Pilates but a regular yogi, you will be familiar with plank pose. The plank exercise is truly the starting place for those looking to improve their core strength, and best of all, it’s remarkably simple to perform.

Plank Yoga Pose
  1. Begin in the plank position, balanced on your elbows and toes, with your hips raised and back straight from head to toe. Keep your head relaxed. You can make use of a yoga (link) or Pilates mat (link) for added stability and comfort if needed.
  2. Hold the pose for 10-60 seconds as strength permits. Make sure that you remain straight in the plank position, taking care not to sag or bend at the waist or knees.


Plank with leg/arm lift: while holding yourself in the standard plank pose, slowly lift your right foot and/or left arm until it is horizontal with the ground. Hold for two to five seconds, before slowly lowering and repeating on the opposite side.
Side Plank: Begin by lying on your right side on the floor, resting your torso on your right elbow. Lift through your waist so that your body is straight from head to toe and balanced on your right elbow and the outside of your right foot. Hold for ten seconds, before relaxing and returning to the floor. Repeat three times on each side.

Open Leg Balance
Great for the lower abdominal muscles, legs, and back extensors, this intermediate-difficulty Pilates exercise is similar to yoga's Paripurna Navasana (Boat Pose), and perfect for building greater strength deep within your core muscle group.

Open Leg Balance Yoga Pose
  1. Sit on the ground with your legs flat against the floor, using a yoga (link) or Pilates mat (link) for added grip and comfort as necessary. Bend at the knees, sliding your feet up towards your body, while taking care that they remain together. Allow the knees to open naturally.
  2. Place your arms to the inside of your legs, reaching down to grasp your ankles. Draw in your abdominal muscles, taking care to lift the lower abs.
  3. Rock back slightly, so that your weight is transferred to the base of your sitting bones and your legs are slightly lifted from the ground. Extend and straighten one leg at first, pause and focus your balance, before extending the second until both legs are as close to straight as you can manage.
  4. Hold for five seconds, using your abdominal muscles to maintain your balance on your sitting bones and preventing yourself from rolling onto your spine.
  5. Slowly come back to the ground, bending one leg before the other. Repeat 3 or 4 times.

Instructional DVDs

Yoga for your back with Rodney Yee
Yoga for Back Care with Rodney Yee
Yoga for Back Care is both an educational and inspirational program to bring you greater awareness of how to care for your back. For back pain sufferers, yoga can bring lasting results. For everyone else, yoga can create and maintain a strong and flexible back, vibrant at any age. Internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee leads three practice sessions to explore and understand your back, build strength and improve flexibility, and restore a healthy back.

Yoga for your back with Louise Wiggins
Yoga for your back with Louise Wiggins
The Yoga for Your Back practices in this DVD are introductory level routines blending the ancient wisdom of the Vedic arts and sciences with modern day understanding of biomechanics, orthopaedics and spinal rehabilitation. Regardless of your prior experiences or current level of fitness, with regular practice this program is designed to assist you to regain and restore your spinal health.

Instructional DVDs

Just 1 hour can improve 56 hours every week!

The world we know is changing every second, we have a 24 hour lifestyle, with 24 hour needs. And when we strip back and evaluate our time in a 24 hour block, we end up with 8 hours working, 8 hours playing and the most important, 8 hours sleeping!
When was the last time you evaluated the quality of your 8 hours sleep? Sleep is a necessity NOT a luxury.
back to sleep® is not your average mattress and pillow specialist. Our commitment is to:

  • Education
  • Understanding your daily routine
  • Recommending the right combination of products to help you get the best out of your sleep

What is a specialist and why seek out a specialist when replacing your mattress or pillow?
Most people think a health care specialist means you have a serious problem or pain and in most cases this is correct, however the back to sleep® specialists are here to assist everyone that sleeps. Our specialists are trained health professionals who understand the general workings of the spine. Remember we all spend, on average, 56 hours per week sleeping, so if you buy just any old mattress or pillow you are literally gambling with your comfort and support.

As a boutique mattress and pillow specialist we offer a unique service to help with your sleeping needs. Competitively priced products with high quality components, ensures every back to sleep® product is well within your budget.
When you book-in for a complimentary, no obligation assessment our specialists will focus on understanding your complete support needs, while providing advice on how to maintain the best sleep posture.
At back to sleep® we live by our mission statement – ‘Tailored service, defining your sleep experience now and into the future’.

Make sleep your priority today and book-in to see a back to sleep® specialist in your state. For more information call 1300 854 557 or visit the website www.backtosleep.com.au

Free catalogue

It’s true, a poorly set-up workplace may be undoing all the good work you’re putting in on the mat! It comes as no surprise really, but recent studies have shown that even if you get the regular daily exercise, extended sitting and other bad habits may still be taking their toll. The number one culprit is the modern workplace, in which sitting for 8 hours a day—40 a week—is wreaking havoc on our bodies.
If you’re interested in looking after yourself at work, our brand new Ergonomics Now catalogue is here to help. Released last month, the glossy 66-page catalogue is the definitive guide to everything you need to improve workplace health and wellbeing. To order your FREE copy of our new catalogue, send us an email with your address to [email protected] and we’ll pop one in the mail.

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