Rotafile Rotating File System - Storage System

Rotafile - the talented space-saver

Rotafile rotating columns offer the maximum possible capacity in the smallest area. They offer far more space than other shelving systems.

Wall space is the resource in shortest supply in offices. moll rotary files require less floor space and wall space than standard shelving with the same storage capacity. Thanks to the fact that less distance needs to be covered to access the files, and that the files themshelves take up less space, this compact round storage system for files makes it possible to more effectively utilise office and filing space.

Space Saving

The Rotafile filing system enables more efficient storage by making it possible to gain up to 70% more space.


They have a faultless, professional look and are the practical and versatile option for any environment.

Green Office

Rotafile have very low emissions, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice.